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New songs and videos coming soon

Trackless recently recorded some new songs at Studio 195 with Djuri Boot. So check our site regularly as they will be released in our video and music section next month.

We already had some foretaste and it was awesome!

Trackless welcomes bass-player Matthijs

Since a few weeks Trackless has a new band-member: Matthijs van Beem. Welcome! He loves to play the (double) bass to give our songs warmth, groove, and more dynamics. He is completing the rhythm section now, together with Arnold “never-missing-a-beat” Overgaauw.

Matthijs is playing bass guitar since long forgotten days. In this wild days, he played until his fingers bled in a melodic death metal band, named Eria d’Or. Nowadays, he has found peace and harmony and finally lost his long hairs. Last summer he started playing double bass, now it’s time to groove along with Trackless!

Thanks Geerten!

We say farewell to guitarist Geerten Paulussen.
Geerten thanks for a great time!
Trackless wishes you lots of success with your music career.
All the best!