It’s folkpop with a raw edge, pop-rock with a soft touch or singer-songwriter music in group formation. The choice is up to the public. The combination is special: one man and one woman, both lead. Together, they bring a varied set and beautiful harmonisations.Trackless is straightforward. The self-written lyrics are well-aimed. The music is pure and unpolished. Trackless creates its own path, but is not afraid to abandon this path as well. Their sound is recognisable and surrounds the audience with a great vibe.


Trackless is founded in 1999 by Marinke Paulussen (vocals, melodica) and Luuk Paulussen (vocals, guitar, harmonica). From the very beginning they are intrigued by the idea of writing their own stuff. After creating several acoustic songs they decided to start a band. From there on, Marinke and Luuk perform their songs on stage accompanied by drum, bass, electric guitar & keyboard.

In 2015 Trackless released their first album: Lost in Life. And in 2016 they also released a single: Young Old Man.

From the beginning of 2019, Luuk en Marinke went their seperate ways.